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June 2017 Operation Best Foot Forward Recap

On June 14, 2017, the 17th round of Operation Best Foot Forward took place at six crosswalks, enforced by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the Orlando Police Department. A total of 102 citations and 29 warnings were handed out.

The operation started out strong at 7:30 a.m. at a busy, residential crosswalk on General Rees Ave, where neighbors were curious about the operation and pleased to hear that something was being done about the driver yield law.

At another location, Pine Hills Rd. & El Trio Way, a crosswalk sprawls across a dangerous stretch of road, where many pedestrian deaths happen. Although cars were pulled over and ticketed, Orange County sheriffs were pleased with the improvement they saw since the last enforcement – finally, some cars were stopping!

Woodbury Rd. and Mallory Cir. was busy as ever, with lots of cars breezing right past our decoy. 26 citations were issued at this location – and many more were given warnings.

Meanwhile, a crosswalk on the corner of Edgewater Dr. & Shady Lane, in a pedestrian-heavy area of College Park, Orlando Police Department was diligently warning and giving citations to early morning commuters who were in too much of a rush.

Over at Landstar Blvd. and Misley Dr., the Orange County sheriff’s officers were put into some scary situations – one officer was almost hit as he was directing a non-yielder into a parking lot to issue a citation.

Later in the day, Operation BFF was out at S. Conway Rd. & Hargill Dr., where Orlando Sentinel’s Harry Sayer came to find out more information about Best Foot Forward and what Operation BFF is doing for our community. See below for the story and for some other great media coverage from our “school’s out” edition of Operation BFF, along with an Operation BFF progress report and pictures from the event.

Cops serve as decoys during crackdown on drivers ignoring pedestrians in crosswalks
Orlando Sentinel
June 14, 2017
Harry Sayer

Quick Facts: Operation BFF Progress Report since June 2012
Crosswalks enforced – 64
Details – 316
Total Citations – 2,497
Total Warnings – 4,122

Check out some pictures from the event:

More photos HERE!

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