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Seminole County Seeks 1-cent Sales Tax for TRAILS…

Sanford FloridaIt looks like Seminole County will be asking voters in a special election on May 20 to increase sales tax one penny to fund roads, trails and schools.  Today the sales tax is 6 cents, the lowest in the region. Elected officials say the dollars will be used to maintain roads, build new sidewalks and trails, and renovate schools.  One of the projects could include extending the RiverWalk pedestrian trail in Sanford from Central Florida Regional Hospital to the St. Johns River Bridge near Interstate 4. The estimated cost is $7 million.  BWCF is curious what you think.  Would you vote for a penny sales tax increase for roads and trails?

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  1. G. David Vorozilchak says:

    We have enough trails, bicyclist now think they own the road that our gas tax pays for, I think if bicyclist use bike lane on the existing roads they need to pay for tags for their use of roads. I am against another tax, as far as assisting schools, go by the building housing the school board, check out all the cars, all employees. Tax when will it end.

  2. I love all the improvements I’ve seen here over the past 20 years. I did vote to continue our quality of life. The trails are a great way to travel around.. The roads are so nice, have you been outside the county lately….we are spoiled here!

    • I have been a life long resident in Seminole, I have supported the sales tax for these very valuable assets of our trails, parks and additional cycle lanes on our roadways. If you want to continue to enjoy these as well as expand our trail systems for all to enjoy, make sure you urge your friends and family to support the one cent sales tax on May 20th. Its great to have these trails right close to where we live. It’s one of the reasons we love it here.

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