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The next big thing in bicycle transportation and planning

Level of Traffic StressThe Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission looked at cycling networks from the point of view of the user. And when the commission did that, it came up with the next big thing in bicycle transportation and planning. It’s called the Level of Traffic Stress Analysis. The Level of Traffic Stress Analysis takes into consideration the types of users – like the Strong and Fearless (those confident cyclists who ride with traffic and during evening hours) who experience a higher Level 3 or 4 stress. And the Interested but Concerned riders (cyclists who want to ride, but feel more confident in separated bike lanes, away from vehicles) who experience a lower Level 1 or 2 stress. Eighty-five percent of residents fall within the Interested but Concerned. The analysis stresses connecting lower Level stress areas with regional bikeways and key destinations in communities, like schools, community centers and commercial districts. This encourages the 85 percent population to bike.

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  1. Robert Friedman says:

    The source of this great idea is Professor Peter Furth at Northeastern University in Boston MA
    Ever since I saw his lecture on Level of Stress Analysis (LSA) I always thought he should be invited here to lecture on LSA and perhaps help set one up starting with Orlando and neighboring older neighbors and the UCF area.

    I hope we can start this process here soon. San Jose CA like many Florida cities is built for the automobile and not other users, bike and peds, in the 20th century so it is a good example for us.

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