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2016 Alliance for Biking & Walking Benchmarking Report

healthy-egg-mcmuffin-with-jelly-016Want to know the trends in all things walking and biking? No problem! Every two years the Alliance for Walking and Biking releases a benchmarking report for all 50 states. The primary objectives for this report are:

  • Promote the data collection and availability
  • Measure progress and evaluate results
  • Support efforts to increase bicycling and walking

See where the State of Florida stands with

  • Percentage of commuters who walk and bike to work
  • Public health
  • Biking and walking infrastructure
  • Funding and spending for all things biking and walking
  • Traffic safety
  • Education efforts and programs
  • Training for those who impact biking and walking
  • Plans, guides and requirements supporting improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists


Click here to download your own copy of the report.

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