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Changes coming to Curry Ford Road

Will a road diet of Curry Ford Road make it safer for those biking and walking? That’s what the City of Orlando is trying to find out.

As part of Smart Growth America’s Safe Streets Academy, the City has chosen the Curry Ford Road corridor (from S. Bumby Avenue to S. Crystal Lake Drive) to roll out a four-week demonstration project.

In late March, the City of Orlando will make temporary changes in the form of bike lanes, crosswalks and other bike/ped enhancements that will remain throughout April. During this trial period, the City will analyze user behavior and consider future changes.

The project is making headlines across the country. Check out this recent article about the trial changes published by Streetsblog USA and this article from Modern Cities.



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  1. Brian Burger says:

    The only thing this has created is a bottleneck on Curry Ford road and made it even more congested.The traffic doesn’t flow and those people in turn lanes cannot turn because of traffic back up.I have already seen one accident that made traffic get re-routed this past Tuesday. I am all for bike paths but I travel this road daily and hardly ever see anyone on a bike so this bike path on Curry Ford needs to go.

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