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The Daily City: Gertrude’s Walk Extension Approved With New Condition

Last month, BWCF shared that the Orlando City Council was voting on Gertrude’s Walk Urban Trail extensions. The proposed extensions were approved in the December meeting. The following article from The Daily City discusses the details of the new extension. LYNX got approval to go forward with a planned extension of […]

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Orlando Sentinel: Deaths show need for better bus safety

The following column was written by Scott Maxwell and published in the Orlando Sentinel. It highlights the importance of bus safety and getting legislation passed to prevent deaths.  It was a June afternoon in 2010   — the last week of school — when 12-year-old Gabby Mair stepped off her school […]

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Streetsblog: Will the New “Free Range Kids Law” Protect Parents Who Let Kids Walk?

Kids across the country walk to and from school each day. New federal legislation hopes to clear some blurred lines that have been allowing officers to arrest parents for allowing their kids to walk alone. This article from Streetsblog sheds some light on the situation. Last spring, Alexander and Danielle […]

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Orlando Sentinel & FDOT’s DeWayne Carver: Wider bike lanes make cycling safer in Florida

You’re riding your bike in the bike lane on a busy street and notice that there is a huge pothole in your way. When traffic is already whizzing by right beside you, where do you go? Wider bike lanes = more room for people on bikes to maneuver on hazardous […]

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Step It Up! The Surgeon General wants to see more walking and walkable communities

America’s Doctor wants Americans to walk more. Dr. Vivek Murthy, the surgeon general, released his “Step It Up” call to action Wednesday at Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Total Health in Washington, District of Columbia, saying Americans need to walk regularly to combat heart disease and diabetes, while at the same […]