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5 Unique Cities | DIRECTIONS

Mead Botanical Garden, 1500 S Denning Dr., Winter Park, FL | Get Directions

Mead Botanical Garden is a 48-acre urban oasis located in the heart of beautiful Winter Park.  The park has a community garden, an amphitheater, quiet nature trails, and a bicycle trail that wraps around the northern border and connects to the Orlando Urban Trail.

Eatonville Town Hall, 307 E Kennedy Blvd, Eatonville, FL | Get Directions

The Town of Eatonville claims Central Florida’s most comfortable communities to ride a bicycle. A ride through the historic downtown, on one hand, takes you back to the Harlem Renaissance, on the other hand, you can see how much the Town has invested into complete streets: wide sidewalks, raised crosswalks, slow speed limits. Visit Florida calls it a “cultural gem.”

Maitland Community Park, 1400 Mayo Ave., Maitland, FL | Get Directions

Maitland Visitors say Maitland Community Park is a great place to go and experience nature and try out their trails.  Recently, Maitland has invested in multi-use bike trails and way-finding signs.

Wirz Park, 806 Mark David Blvd., Casselberry, FL | Get Directions

Wirz Park is a 29-acre park with a pool, playground, basketball court, and picnic area. Casselberry was the first city in Florida to adopt a healthy community component into their comprehensive plan.

Lake Druid Park, 899 Coy Dr., Orlando, FL | Get Directions

Come and enjoy Orlando’s Lake Druid urban mountain bike park with a pump track, junior pump track and single-track trail, a fenced dog run, and a community garden. Orlando is working diligently to close the gaps of its bicycle beltway to connect all parts of the City Beautiful with bike trails.

About Bike 5 Cities

About: Bike 5 Cities Ride is a 28-mile regional bike-ride that advances equity through better transportation options; improves safety by teaching people of all abilities and ages how to use routes safely; enhances local economies by bringing bike “traffic” to businesses; and builds public support for connecting bike routes throughout Central Florida. It’s modified this year to be a social distance ride. See COVID-19 Guidelines.

Who: Riders of any age, experience or ability level. It’s for those who like to take it slow while discovering where to comfortably ride their bikes — whether it’s through a neighborhood, down a local trail, or to a shop, restaurant and park in one of the five cities.


Based on riders’ feedback in 2019, the Bike 5 Cities 28-mile route will run clockwise.

More About Bike 5 Cities

Bike 5 Cities started as a simple idea to create a bike-friendly route through the Orlando metro area to show people where they can ride comfortably. As the ride’s popularity skyrocketed, it has turned out to be an advocacy asset in the movement to push for more bike-friendly infrastructure in not only the 5 cities but throughout Metro-Orlando.

Because Bike/Walk Central Florida is an advocacy organization, the Board and staff uses the Bike 5 Cities route map to remind public officials, local leaders and residents that people want safe, accessible places to ride their bike, whether it’s in their neighborhood, over to a friend’s house, to work, or down a trail.  Hear from Bike 5 Cities architect, Lisa Portelli.

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