Frequently Asked Questions

UPDATE: Registration is now closed for the 2019 Bike 5 Cities event. We’re excited to welcome more than 400 riders this year!

Q: Does it cost to participate?
A: No! It’s free, but please register so we can plan the day and for you to get a free t-shirt. BWCF accepts donations when you register to help fund this event and other activities, education and advocacy throughout the year. A suggested donation is $15.

Q: Where and when should I start my ride?
A: NEW this year, based on your feedback, we will have a registration table at each of our five cities: Winter Park, Orlando, Casselberry, Maitland and Eatonville. If you’re comfortable riding on your own or with a smaller group, you can start your ride at any location between 7:30 and 10 am. Just stop by the registration table to get your t-shirt and map, then take off (route will be marked). Please join us afterward at Mead Garden around 1 pm. for post-ride refreshments.

Q: What’s the “Group Ride”?
A: The group ride will consist of about 200 cyclists. The group will take off from Mead Garden in Winter Park around 8 am. There will be experienced cyclists serving as Ride Ambassadors to assist newer or less experienced riders. The group ride will also have police escorts at certain intersections.

Q: Can I register on the day of the ride?
A: We won’t turn anyone away, but you’ll miss out on a few perks you will get if you register. Plus, it helps us to have enough refreshments for all.

Q: What are Ride Ambassadors?”
A: Experienced cyclists who escort riders throughout the ride, provide assistance and have fun along the way. Laughing at their jokes is encouraged, but not required.

Q: How do I get my free t-shirt?
A: You must register for the ride. The first 300 people to register will get a t-shirt (plus we’ll have a few extras). You will pick up your shirt at the registration table the day of the event. We will not mail shirts to people who forget to pick them up.

Q: Should I bring my own water and snacks?
A: Water and refreshments will be provided at each city’s stop along the route. We suggest you bring your own water bottle to hydrate in between stops.

Q: What if I don’t want to ride the entire 28-mile loop?
A: No problem! It’s up to you how far you ride. Route maps will be provided. We suggest starting and ending at one of the 5 city’s pit stops, if you do choose to ride a shorter distance.

Q: What happens if I am injured on the route? What if I get a flat tire or my bike malfunctions?
A: We aim for a safe ride for all. We will have rolling SAG support for the entire route, and support stations at most city pit-stops. Mechanics will be available if you get a flat tire, or your bike has a boo boo. If you need help, someone will get to you, however you may have to wait, depending on how many other cyclists also need assistance. If you cannot finish the ride, you will be responsible for getting back to your car.

Q: Can I ride at my own pace?
A: Of course! The Bike 5 Cities 28-mile ride is planned at a slower cruising speed (3 ½ hours to finish 28-miles with breaks). If you want to ride a shorter distance or take it even slower, that’s fine. If you want to grab your map, beat the crowd and ride more quickly, no problem! Maps will be available for the entire route.

Q: Can you tell me about the stops at each city?
A: Each city will have a pit-stop with water and refreshments. City leaders will come out to greet the group ride at each stop. We will also have an opportunity to meet some of our sponsors.

Q: Can I volunteer?
A: ABSOLUTELY! You’ll have a blast. Contact Lisa Portelli at 407-963-1213 or [email protected].

Q: What will volunteers do?
A: Volunteers are need at the start and finish of the Group Ride in Mead Garden in Winter Park. We will also need some volunteers at each city pit stop. Tasks might include handing out t-shirts, water or refreshments; helping with set-up or clean-up or showing people where to go. 

Q: What if it rains?
A: You’ll get wet if the rain comes after the event has started.  But if the weather calls for thunderstorms, heavy rain, or a hurricane, we will cancel the event.

Q: What kind of bicycles are allowed on the Bike 5 Cities ride?
A: Any kind that can be ridden on paved surfaces. But no children’s tricycles please. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Children bike trailers and seats are allowed.

Q: Do I have to wear a helmet?
A: Helmets are mandatory.  If you don’t have and can’t afford a helmet, please contact Bike/Walk Central Florida at 407-636-5606 or Katie Clarke at[email protected], and we’ll try to help you out.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Sorry, no pets are allowed.  Rover can nap or eat your shoes while you’re gone

Q: Who is Bike/Walk Central Florida?
A: Bike/Walk Central Florida is a non-profit advocacy group that promotes walkable and bikeable communities through raising public awareness and advocating for safe, active transportation, and recreation. For more information, check out our home page.