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Celebrating Progress and Partnerships: Bike/Walk Central Florida’s 2022-2023 Impact Report

We are pleased to unveil the latest chapter in the Bike/Walk Central Florida story with our Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Impact Report. As we transitioned into this year, it’s essential to acknowledge the committed efforts and strategic steps we’ve taken toward a future where the safety of cyclists and pedestrians is paramount. Below, we highlight the critical milestones that reflect our relentless dedication to this important cause.

Our team continues to grow with the addition of three leaders to our board and the integration of two new staff members, dedicated to advocating for the Best Foot Forward (BFF) for Pedestrian Safety program. Empowered by this growth, we educated over 9,000 individuals across 92 events on our important mission of sharing pedestrian safety.

The first-ever Best Foot Forward (BFF) Summit celebrated ten years of unwavering commitment for the Best Foot Forward program, gathering an array of over a dozen partners who are united in the mission to reduce pedestrian incidents resulting in serious harm or fatalities.

The Healthy West Orange Trails Connection (HWOTC) designed its inaugural Trail Blazers Challenge, building anticipation and active participation through five unique events, culminating in the first Take Over the Trails Day.

During FDOT’s annual Mobility Week, our BIKE 5 event flourished, with 350 cyclists participating, which even included one enthusiast who made the trek from San Francisco just to join us.

For the future generation in our Bike/Walk Kids program, the 10th Annual Jordan’s Sporting Goods Store event became a noteworthy occasion, successfully fitting 475 children with helmets, thereby enhancing our youngest community members’ safety.

The inaugural Wheel of Achievement Awards illuminated the dedication of community figures who have made exceptional contributions to support the principles of safe walking, biking, and rolling in Central Florida.

The progress illustrated in this report is a testament to our shared commitment, and the collaborative strength of our donors, partners, and sponsors. It’s through your meaningful partnerships and steadfast support that we are paving the way to safer, more accessible walking and biking. Your contributions and advocacy resonate in every marked crosswalk, each helmet fitted, and within the community of cycling supporters.


If you share our vision, if you believe in the significance of community and the importance of safety on our roads, we invite you to become an integral part of this mission. Your donations are the fuel that powers our programs and initiatives, helping us to grow and sustain our work. Volunteering opportunities also await those eager to directly influence change and enhance safety measures in our community.

Together, let’s celebrate the achievements we’ve made and continue to work towards the successes that lie ahead. Make an impactful contribution today by donating or discover the rewarding experience of volunteering with us.