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Celebration of Cycling set to host Bike/Ped Safety Summit and Workshop for New $25K Grant
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Celebration of Cycling set to host Bike/Ped Safety Summit and Workshop for New $25K Grant

Bike advocates from across the state will come together in the City of Clermont next month to share ideas and discuss the future of cycling in Florida. Register now to attend. The gathering will kick off this year’s Celebration of Cycling on Friday morning (Nov. 13) with a series of seminars on all […]

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Momentum Magazine: Federal Highway Administration Wants Us to Build Bike Lanes

The United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration not only supports bicycle and pedestrian funding and infrastructure but is also clearing up any misconceptions there may be about design and funding. For the report, release Aug. 20, 2015, click here. And check out the story below from Momentum Magazine […]

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Orlando Sentinel: Plan, cooperate to make roads safer for bicyclists

Orlando Sentinel Editorial Lake County promotes its friendliness to recreation, especially cycling, where one can pedal for miles on rolling green hills. The county’s motto is “Real Florida. Real Close” — though presumably that doesn’t mean face down on the asphalt. Yet that’s the threat felt by some bike riders […]

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By the numbers: 84,582 peds strong

Tens of thousands of people are using Orlando’s ped and bike trails. From July 9 to August 9, 36,798 walkers and bikers were counted on Lake Baldwin and Cady Way trails in July and August. The City of Orlando is installing pedestrian and bike counters throughout town as part of its initiative to […]

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Keeping Up with Biking and Walking in Florida Legislation

This page will be updated weekly with media coverage. HB 0231 – Transportation     Revises provisions relating to the rights & safety of vulnerable users of public rights-of-way; prohibits assault of bicycle riders; revises provisions for careless driving; provides penalties for specified infractions contributing to bodily injury of vulnerable users; […]