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City of Orlando reveals early plans for bike/ped-friendly ‘bridge district’ under I-4

Did you see the plans for the City of Orlando’s proposed “bridge district” under I-4? Looks promising for people who love to walk or bike. BFF Program Director Amanda Day got to chat with the Sentinel about the “bridge district” proposal. She said she was “wowed” by both the renderings and the plans to include some […]

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I-4 Ultimate: Pedestrian Bridge in Maitland

Walkers and bikers will one day be sauntering or scurrying across this eye-catching, 80 foot tall, 12-feet wide and 700-feet long pedestrian bridge that starts at Wymore Road and will connect to a bike/ped trail in Maitland. Fred Gottenmoeller is the architect and said it’s so complex it will be built in […]