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People On Foot

Walkable communities: Turning today’s vision into reality

Creating Vibrant Communities A recent Wall Street Journal article brings about a few questions: Shouldn’t everyone be able to live somewhere that offers a safe, healthy and walkable environment? How do we create more vibrant communities while improving safety for all?  These are more than just goals or ideas for […]

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Orlando Sentinel: Healthy infrastructure key to jobs, economy – column

Opinion piece by Paula Dockery in the Orlando Sentinel (3/31/16 edition) argues healthy infrastructure is critical to a strong economy in Florida and across the country. It also requires significant investment from all levels of government. Unfortunately, Dockery says our current infrastructure is outdated and unsafe. John Oliver made a […]

News To Use

FOX 35: Orlando putting money into Project DTO

One of the main goals for Project DTO is to create a more walkable and bikeable Downtown Orlando. A road diet on Robinson would add a bike lane, some crosswalks, and reduce the speed limit, making it a safer place for people to walk and bike. Read about some of […]

People On Foot

AP: Few US neighborhoods affordable, walkable with good schools

According to an article published on the Associated Press, a recent study found that only 14 percent of neighbors are affordably priced, walkable and near decent schools. These three characteristics are a huge selling point for homes, but the low percentage of homes that meet these qualifications and the high […]


Southwest Florida symposium talks about why our future depends on walkable communities

The News-Press recently shared an article that hit the nail right on the head – Our future depends on walkable communities. They are absolutely right. Traffic gridlock is not the only way of the future, though. By building walkable communities, we can reverse the gridlock and provide residents with a different […]