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Sundew Gardens

The following narrative from Keri Caffrey comes from Commute Orlando:

On May 21st, a small group of us rode to Sundew Gardens for a workshop on chicken farming: Chickens for the Central Florida Homestead. The City of Orlando just launched a pilot program to allow residents to keep hens in back yard coops. I don’t have a back yard (at the moment) but I’ve been curious about raising chickens. In general, I’m interested in local food. Mighk Wilson and his wife, Carol, actually managed to snag one of the 25 coveted permits.

First Friday regular, Larry Gies organized the ride and planned the route. Diana packed lunch for all of us and made sure we had the appropriate decorations for our bikes. I just showed up :-)

The route was fun, many roads I had not been on before. It consisted of a mix of residential streets, some busier roads and the wonderful Little Econ Greenway. Read more . . .