LAWS YOU NEED TO KNOWsame-rights-same-rules-011

  • Bikes are legally defined as a vehicle in Florida. The bicyclists is a driver.
  • Bicyclists have to obey the SAME traffic laws as motorists.
  • Bicyclists are required to STOP at signs and red lights, follow the flow of traffic, use lights at night and STOP for people walking.


For purposes of reducing high-crash-risk behaviors, we’ve highlighted the most important sections below. You can download all of Florida’s Bike Laws.

Legal status of a cyclists 316.003(2)

  • A bicycle is defined as a vehicle for purposes of the Uniformed Traffic Control Law.
  • A cyclists has all the rights to the roadway….
  • A bicyclists riding on a sidewalk —. in the City of Orlando, —- can NOT ride on the sidewalk. (ordiance.)

Equipment (316.2065

  • Bikes must be equipped with a lamp on the front and back —
  • Bike helmet
  • NO headsets