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Laura Turner, AICP

Laura Turner, AICP, is the Founder and Owner of Laura Turner Planning Services, a consulting practice based in Winter Park, Florida. Her community planning expertise includes creating and executing outreach programs for transportation and land-use projects. Working collaboratively with stakeholders, she has also developed neighborhood plans and facilitated numerous meetings related to future community decisions.

Laura’s work has been recognized with Awards of Excellence from the American Planning Association – Florida Chapter and the Orange County Urban Design Commission. Laura currently serves on the Government Affairs Committee for the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the East Orlando Chamber of Commerce. She has previously served as a Mayoral appointee to Winter Park’s Planning and Zoning Board, Comprehensive Plan Update Task Force, Planning Code Compliance Board, and Board of Adjustment.

Get to Know Laura Turner, AICP!

Earliest memory of biking or walking?
I grew up in a neighborhood that had connected sidewalks which we used for walking and riding bicycles. This safe way for moving around gave my friends and me a sense of independence since we could visit each other, travel to and from school, or go swimming without relying on parents for transportation. 

What is the most notable achievement thus far toward safer streets in Central Florida?
The campaign to increase awareness of the need for a safer travel environment, through programs like Vision Zero, public service announcements, and safety spot checks. This awareness has led to changes in driver behavior as well as using complete street principles as roadways are designed.

What city do you look to as a model for safe streets and courteous road users?
San Diego. It’s a pleasant and engaging walking and cycling environment. It also provides a range of travel choices that are convenient, safe, and easy to use.

In 15 years, what does this region look like?
It will be a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists to go from one place to another due to having a connected network of sidewalks, bike lanes, and multi-use trails. People will want to choose these options for recreation as well as for commuting to work, shopping, visiting friends, or dining out.