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Good food brings the community together to talk ped safety at Circles Orange County

DSC03388 1The Circles Orange County Group started their meeting with a delicious homemade feast – a great ice breaker before any presentation is good food and great conversation.

Many of the attendees were surprised to find out that pedestrians have the right of way in the crosswalk, with one man adding “I drive all day for my work and I did not know this was the law.”  This same man approached BFF after the presentation to possibly speak to the entire fleet of drivers at his organization to educate them on the pedestrian laws.

The lively group was very interested in the topic of pedestrian safety, because they are experiencing safety issues at one specific intersection of their community. The four-way stop at Story Road and Park Avenue has hosted a slew of problems for the many students, parents, athletes and daily walkers in the area.

The group was delighted to hear that there are signage and enforcement solutions to change driver behavior at problem intersections.

In the short-term, the group will reach out to Orange County to conduct a study to determine if alterations can be made with BFF serving as a liaison.

In the long-term, BFF may choose to monitor this crosswalk in the upcoming year to collect data and make the case for increased signage.

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