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Seminole County Releases New Trails Master Plan

Seminole County has released its 2021 Trails Master Plan. Using community input, “the plan is designed to guide future funding and trail development efforts; strengthening Seminole County’s reputation as Florida’s Natural Choice”.

According to the plan:

When Seminole County began planning for trails, they developed a vision statement that would guide the process forward and be relevant to all future trail planning.

Provide for greenways, trails and bikeways as a vital element to maintain and improve the quality of future development and community revitalization efforts throughout Seminole County.

With this vision statement in mind, the county developed a set of four guiding principles that provide a framework when considering a potential trail route/project. Those Guiding Principles are as follows:

  1. Expand recreational opportunities and experiences for residents and visitors. This includes:
    a. Walking
    b. Hiking
    c. Biking
    d. Equestrian Use
  2. Create additional non-vehicular modes of transportation to help users move around the community, whether to enjoy the natural beauty of the County, to commute to work, or to travel to nearby neighborhoods and cities. Connections can include:
    a. Neighborhoods
    b. Schools
    c. Parks
    d. Natural Areas
    e. Activity Centers
  3. Better connect the County, its cities, its neighborhoods, and its businesses.
    a. Provide viable alternatives to move around the County outside of a personal vehicle or mass transit
    b. Provide on-road bike lanes/routes for commuting and touring cyclists
  4. Enhance the quality of life for all who visit or call Seminole County home.
    a. Enhance and revitalize existing neighborhoods
    b. Encourage new development and private industry to include greenways, trails and bikeways within infrastructure
    c. Protect greenway corridors which connect important natural resources

Want to learn more about the Seminole County’s 2021 Trails Master Plan and see the current trails and plans for future trails … Download it below or visit Seminole County Trails here.


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