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New Flashing Signs at Rosen College Crosswalk

New Flashing Signs at Rosen College Crosswalk

Next time you find yourself crossing between UCF’s Rosen College campus and Lake Cay Commons shopping plaza, take note of the new flashing signs installed along the crosswalk, in coordination with the Orange County School Safety Coordinator and Rosen Hotels & Resorts. As the Rosen area continues to grow, busy […]

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Stay Informed on the Coast-to-Coast Connector

Get the latest news on the Coast-to-Coast Connector by subscribing to the C2C Newsletter, authored by the Florida Greenways & Trails Foundation and with support from the Bike/Walk Central Florida. With the Governor signing and approving the $15.5 million in funding to close these gaps to connect the 275 miles […]


Go Hug your Orange County Commissioner & Mayor

Next time you see your Orange County Commissioner and Mayor Jacobs, shake their hand, pat them on the back, or even give them a hug for their unwavering support of the Best Foot Forward pedestrian safety program. Amanda Day, project director for Bike/Walk Central Florida, shared the BFF update with […]

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A Big Thank you To Orange Cycle

BWCF is rolling forward thanks to the generous friends at Orange Cycle!  Thanks to Orange Cycle, the BWCF team can continue moving forward with its mission of promoting bike and ped safety, complete street policies and the development and maintenance of trails all in the name of good health and […]

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C2C Becoming a Reality

A big thank you goes to Senator Andy Gardiner and the Senate’s transportation and economic development committee who recently approved $15.5 million for the Coast-to-Coast (C2C) connector. The money will help fill the gaps in the planned 275 miles of unbroken bicycle path stretching from St. Petersburg through Metro Orlando […]