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People On Foot

Hit-and-run deaths at all-time high, according to AAA

In 2016, 2,049 people were killed in hit-and-run crashes, according to a recent study released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. This is a 62 percent increase from 2009, the last year that a downward trend was recorded. The new study found that 65 percent of victims of hit-and-run […]

People On Foot

Is education making a difference in changing driver & walking behavior?

When it comes to making our streets safer for people walking, a lot of factors come into play. While most collisions occur outside of a crosswalk, it’s worth noting that drivers fail to yield to people walking in crosswalks as well – it happened twice in this short interview with […]

People On Foot

How Walkable is Your Neighborhood?

Less than 15 percent of U.S. neighborhoods are both affordable and walkable, according to a Redfin study. The two mega-cities to fit the bill are miles away from Orlando – Seattle and Washington D.C.  We’re changing that. Look no further than neighborhoods like Thornton Park, South Lake Eola or the Central […]