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Downtown Orlando bike lanes go green

Have you seen the leprechaun treatment on some of downtown Orlando’s bike lanes? The green paint is intended to increase the visibility of bicyclists, in a pilot program studying whether the colorful lanes will reduce car/bike traffic crashes. It’s also hoped that drivers won’t park in a lane so obviously marked for people on […]

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Bike and walk, but not too fast

Slow walkers and cyclists rejoice! You’ve been doing it right all along, at least according to a study released by the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. It turns out that walking briskly/running and riding a bike too fast could well result in breathing too heavily and, as a result, […]


Halfway there – Maine to Florida bike ride group perseveres through ups and downs

What do President George H. W. Bush, baby chicks, Amish country, fresh strawberries, Colonial Williamsburg, funny road signs, a Memorial Day color guard in Winsted, Connecticut, and the Pennsylvania/New Jersey state line all have in common? Not a whole lot – except these are just a few of the memorable moments […]

People On Bikes

2,176 miles in 19 days: Maine to Florida bike ride travel log

Update: Friday, July 1, 2016 In BWCF board member Lisa Portelli’s own words I am going to try to summarize our Maine to Florida bicycle trip. It’s impossible to capture about 2186 miles of riding in a FB post, and this is only one perspective, but here goes. The map […]

People On Bikes

Orlando Sentinel: How one man’s 40-day bike challenge changed his life

For those who celebrate Easter, giving up something for Lent is pretty commonplace. It’s an act of faith to demonstrate spiritual discipline.   Some people give up television (or Netflix streaming nowadays), soda, chocolate, social media, etc. Imagine giving up your car. Or at least ditching it for a bike as […]