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Webster – The Small City with Big Trail Plans

WED_8151A highlight for BWCF at the C2C Reception was meeting the Mayor of Webster, Kelly Williams, and hearing her enthusiasm for the Coast to Coast Connector trail. Williams and her board of elected officials traveled over an hour to Casa Feliz to show their support. We were happy to talk to Williams about why she’s so eager to see the trail gaps be completed, “What I’m most excited about…is that it might go right through the middle of Webster.”

Webster is a small city within the 30 mile gap of the Van Fleet Trail. With a population of around 800 people in a 1.3 sq mile radius – Webster could use the extra traffic the trail would bring. “…it would be an economic boom to our city…we’d like to have it look more like Winter Garden…” Williams told us when we interviewed her.
So, a big shout out to the City of Webster for traveling all this way to join us! It’s great to hear from people who are passionate about the C2C trail. Webster’s story is another example of the benefits that closing the gaps could have for our region and all of Florida. To learn more about the C2C project, you can subscribe to the newsletter on our website: http://bikewalkcentra.wpengine.com/