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Our newest sponsor:

Thank you to the men and women of the Orlando Police Department for their generous support of Bike/Walk Central Florida. In this picture, taken after the Best Foot Forward launch at Orlando Health, May 30, Chief Paul Rooney presents a check for $8,000 – proceeds from the sale of confiscated property seized by OPD.

In April, Bike/Walk Central Florida, under the guidance of Dr. Louis Malenfant, Phd., and Dr. Ronald Van Houten, Phd., principal researchers at the Center for Education and Research in Safety, trained 24 OPD officers in high-visibility enforcement techniques that have been proven effective at increasing the percentage of drivers yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks. This week OPD will kick off five two-week rounds of enforcement, at locations throughout the city.  Bike/Walk Central Florida will pay half the cost of that enforcement with private funding from the Winter Park Health Foundation.