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Community Events

Bike Rodeo

On Saturday, May 19, the First Baptist Church of Casselberry held their first, of what will surely be many, bike rodeos. Pastor Travis contacted the Florida Bicycle Association a few weeks prior and asked if we could give a presentation on bicycle safety, to which we gladly obliged.

Christina Willis-Ott and Jason Buckner showed up around 8am to get an idea of how the event was going to be set up and to prepare our session. The parking lot was sectioned off into eight stations for the kids to visit. There was a safety check station, snail race, balance, turning, weaving, and several others.

Inside the church, they had cleared the rows of pews and set up an Awana pinewood derby track. Before the bike rodeo started, we got to watch the kids compete; that was a blast! The kids made some fantastic vehicles, including a spider-man car, a ladybug car, and a miniature planet earth! Pastor Travis recruited Christina and I to be the judges for best car design, a tough job by any measure. Read more . . .