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A MetroPlan Orlando Board meeting from a first-timer

COd7po3WgAAU3XIWhen I think of public transportation, my first and only thought used to be the bus system. But after attending my first MetroPlan Orlando Board meeting on behalf of Bike/Walk Central Florida, I’m now realizing that the regional transportation system is much more complex.  LYNX is a vital part of it, but MetroPlan supports all things transportation – regulations, funding, legislation, etc. Roads, buses, trains, sidewalks, bike lanes, trails, air travel, tolls, ports and so much more are key components of our region’s day-to-day transportation operations.

It was inspiring to listen to Amanda Day, Bike/Walk Central Florida’s Executive Director, present about the Best Foot Forward program and why it is so important to include people who walk in the transportation planning conversation.    As BFF works to increase driver yield rates and improve pedestrian safety in Central Florida, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.  One board member summed this up well when they said at the meeting, “We are good, but we can always be better.”

I am grateful I had the chance to see first-hand local governments and organizations working together to improve how we all get around Central Florida – something I took for granted until I attended my first MetroPlan meeting.

By BWCF/BFF Intern, Kellie Woods

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