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Cross-county enforcement crackdown: A true success

The first multi-jurisdictional Operation Best Foot Forward (OBFF) took place on November 7. In fact, it was the first OBFF in the Poinciana area. Conducted by the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, Kissimmee Police Department, St. Cloud Police Department and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, this cross-county effort resulted in over 72 citations issued to drivers who failed to yield for pedestrians.

Officers enforced the Driver Yield Law at 11 different crosswalks, reminding drivers that stopping for pedestrians is not an option. During OBFF, plain-clothed police officers crossed the street at marked crosswalks. When a car failed to yield, a police officer stationed down the street pulled over the driver. Depending on the situation, the violator was given a reminder of the Driver Yield Law or a citation, starting at a minimum of $164 along with three (3) points on their driver’s license.

Local media outlets informed the public that this was the first multi-jurisdictional enforcement, warned drivers of the locations and emphasized the need to stop for pedestrians. Best Foot Forward greatly appreciates the support and involvement of the following media outlets:

  • Poinciana in the News
  • Osceola News-Gazette
  • Fox News 35
  • WFTV Channel 9
  • News 13
  • WKMG
  • WESH on CW18
  • WOFL

Without the media’s support and all the likes, shares and comments received from our partners, like Orlando Health, MetroPlan Orlando and the Florida Department of Transportation, OBFF wouldn’t have made such an impact. With each operation, more and more drivers are effectively reminded of the Driver Yield Law, whether it be on the roads or on social media. Driver yield rates are improving, emphasizing the importance of the movement.

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