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Little Econ Greenway Trail Playground Crawl, by Bike!  

Looking for something fun to do with the kiddos? How about a biking playground crawl along the Little Econ Greenway Trail in east Orange County. The Little Econ Greenway Trail is often overlooked, but if you’re like me and prefer rides in the 10-mile-or-so range with a destination in mind to keep you motivated, riding this trail is perfect. Not only that, but it runs along the beautiful Little Econ River with abundant wildlife, including wading birds and alligators. The Little Econ Greenway Trail runs 7.4 miles from Alafaya Trail on the east end to Forsyth Road on the west end. The segment between Rouse Road and Alafaya Trail is closed until further notice, so this article focuses on a ride starting at Blanchard Park just west of Rouse Road.  

This ride hits four playgrounds!  Two at Jay Blanchard Park, one at the Econ Soccer Complex, and one at Arcadia Acres Park. So, get the kids helmeted, bring plenty of water to stay hydrated, and get ready for a fun day in the sun. Speaking of sun, don’t forget to use sunscreen and get an early start to avoid the heat. 

Playground #1 – Jay Blanchard Park near trail mile marker 6.6 

There is parking in front of the covered playground.  Near the playground, there are tennis courts, soccer fields, and the Blanchard Park YMCA, as well as covered pavilions and grills.   

Playground #2 – Just a little bit further down the trail near trail mile marker 6.3 is the second playground. It is also shaded and is near public restrooms and another picnic pavilion. This is a busy section of the trail with people walking, biking, and rollerblading, so remember your bicycling etiquette.   

As you bike west on the trail, you pass under Dean Road. Just past Dean Road near trail mile marker 5.7, there are public basketball courts. 

Once past the basketball courts, the trail is less crowded and peaceful.   

On the way to the third playground, the trail crosses Harrel Road. The crossing is signalized, and all vehicles must come to a stop, so the crossing is comfortable for everyone! 

Playground #3 – The next playground is at the Econ Soccer Complex near trail mile marker 3.0. This complex can at times be crowded with soccer games and tournaments. There are public restrooms, covered picnic pavilions, and a playground. Be sure to try the misting stations to cool off!

As you hit the trail again, traveling west, there is a branch off the trail to Arcadia Acres Park less than ¼ mile from the Econ Soccer Complex. Turn right here and ride over the bridge. 

Playground #4 – The last playground on this bike ride is at Arcadia Acres Park. This playground is not as large as the other playgrounds, but the park includes more basketball courts and soccer fields. 

Within a distance of 3.7 miles, you can visit four different playgrounds for a there-and-back ride of 7.4 miles. If that’s too far for the little ones, try two at a time. Visit the two at Blanchard Park or visit the Arcadia Park and the Econ Soccer Complex playgrounds, which are less than ½ mile apart. There is parking at both locations. Have fun on the Little Econ Greenway Trail! 

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