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Go Hug your Orange County Commissioner & Mayor

Orange-County-Mayor-Teresa-JacobsNext time you see your Orange County Commissioner and Mayor Jacobs, shake their hand, pat them on the back, or even give them a hug for their unwavering support of the Best Foot Forward pedestrian safety program. Amanda Day, project director for Bike/Walk Central Florida, shared the BFF update with the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) this past week where they celebrated the success and stressed the importance of BFF’s mission—encouraging drivers to yield and reducing pedestrian crashes by half in five years through education, engineering, enforcement and evaluation.

Mayor Linda Chapin, Harry Barley and Virginia Whittington of MetroPlan Orlando, and Lisa Portelli of Winter Park Health Foundation were all in attendance to show their support and smiles.

BFF encourages you to thank you the BCC elected leaders for their commitment to improving the safety of our streets for all road users.  BCC is a BFF!


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