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LIFE Attendee & Orlando Sentinel Reader Responds 

UCF LIFE participant, Anne Gardepe, was so moved by the BFF presentation that she shared her comments with her fellow Orlando Sentinel readers.  Titled, “Be Aware of Pedestrians,” she asked residents if they know the driver yield laws – like must yielding to a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk or failure to adhere will cost you $164. 
She went on to share some of the comments she heard during a question and answer at the presentation, someone said, “Well, if you stop and the car behind you does not, that could cost thousands of dollars.” But injuring or killing someone would be far worse.
Another person suggested there should be more-frequent testing to renew drivers licenses. Many of us renew online year after year, but we should be forced to keep up-to-date with changes in traffic laws.
Thank you, Anne Gardepe of Orlando, for your engaged enthusiasm for PEDS.  Please continue to share this message with all those you know.