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Local Bike Events to Celebrate National Bike Month

What a great time to celebrate National Bike Month! Children are nearly out of school, spring is almost over, and the Florida heat has yet to reach full force. To help you join in the fun, we’ve compiled a list of fun bike events happening in Central Florida this month. Make sure you keep your helmet and water bottle handy all month long — you’ll be needing them!

Bike to Work Day (May 17) & Bike to Work Week (May 13-19)

Bike to Work: City Hall, the final destination.

A staple of National Bike Month, Bike to Work Day and Week aim to increase bicycle commuting. For many, a one-day bike commute turns into a full week, which turns into their regular commute. With biking being such a healthy and sustainable option, the number of bicycle commuters grew by more than 62% from 2000 to 2013, according to the League of American Cyclists.

Locally, bicyclists can celebrate with reThink Your Commute and Flagler County Public Schools at Cycle de Mayo: Bike to Work Day. Orlando always holds a Bike to Work Day ride, and we’re anxiously awaiting when Mayor Buddy Dyer hops on his bike for this year’s event. And, of course, regardless of whether or not they attend any event, commuters everywhere are encouraged to trade their car for their bike!

Bike to School Day (May 8)

Sometimes all kids need to get active is a little motivation, and Bike to School Day provides just that. On May 8, participating schools will be leaving behind buses in exchange for “bike trains”—a line of school-aged children riding their bikes to school, usually chaperoned by adult bicyclists leading and backing up the train. Not only do bike trains get kids out on their bikes, but they teach them how to stay safe while riding.

Bike to School event

Bike/Walk Central Florida will be celebrating National Bike to School Day with Casselberry Elementary School on May 6 and with Audubon Park School on May 8. To see if your child’s school is participating, check the Walk & Bike to School website.

Ride of Silence (May 15)

During National Bike Month, thousands of cyclists take to the streets in cities across the globe to honor the lives of cyclists who have been killed or injured while riding. Now in its 17th year, the Ride of Silence is a slow

and meaningful ride that promotes sharing the road. Several Central Florida cities will be participating on May 15, including Orlando, Clermont, and Lakeland.

Cyclofemme (May 12)

Cyclofemme is a celebration of women—specifically women who bike. Every National Bike Month, women around the world hold Cyclofemme rides to celebrate progress and inspire more women to hop on a bike. This year, a Cyclofemme ride is being held in Winter Garden.

Anything you want!

Bike to Work: Erika Beerbower, Mayor Dyer and Sari Kossoff

Central Floridian cyclists are lucky: we have hundreds of miles of trails and safe paths in our ever-growing network of bike-friendly places. If you haven’t tried out a new trail, want to try bicycle commuting, or are considering a group ride, there’s no better time than National Bike Month to go for it. And if you need some recommendations, Bike/Walk has compiled a list of our top 5 trails in Central Florida to get you started.

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