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New Ultrasound Technology Used to Enforce 3-ft Law

20150603threefootlaw0013962335442_t1070_hc37b4a9f765cbf46dad963db2743913e259d36ceThe Chattanooga Police Department is making strides for bicyclist safety. A new box attached to their bikes is using ultrasound technology to enforce a law that was previously difficult to call out Рthe 3-ft law that requires vehicles to give bicyclists 3-ft of space when passing. This new technology can determine how much space is given, allowing officers to warn and ticket drivers who fail to give riders their 3 feet.

In Florida, it has been noted that this same problem occurs – how do we enforce a law when we can’t easily determine whether it has been broken? This technology could be implemented across the country and definitely used here in the Sunshine State. Read all about the new radar and see it in action from the Times Free Press here.¬†

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