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OPD joined panel of experts about balanced enforcement

DSC02408Speeding enforcement IS pedestrian safety enforcement. That idea was one of the many highlights from Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center’s Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Operation webinar on June 18. Orlando Police Department’s (OPD) own Sgt. Richard Ruth spoke as part of the webinar. Other highlights:

Sgt. Ruth spoke about the community support, from the City of Orlando, Orange County, MetroPlan Orlando and more, who started Operation Best Foot Forward to improve pedestrian safety in Central Florida. Since its inception in 2012, yield rates have improved at many roads under 30 mph and signalized intersections and RRFBs have enhanced pedestrian safety, but there is still room for improvement, decreasing the number of fatal pedestrian accidents, and improving yield rates on roads 30+ mph.

So where can Orlando go, Sgt. Ruth recommended balanced enforcement and education with both drivers and pedestrians, reinstitute programs and public service announcements in schools and additional funding to continue daily education through enforcement.

Ranjit Walia, with Civic Eye Collaborative LLC, spoke about New Jersey’s Pedestrian Safety Enforcement operations throughout the state. New Jersey started this program in 2007 – so it has a few more years and a larger reach than Operation Best Foot Forward. The webinar also hosted presenters from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the District Department of Transportation in Washington D.C. The free webinar is available online.

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