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Operation Best Foot Forward: OPD & OCSO Enforce Driver Yield Laws

Orange County Sheriff’s Office and Orlando Police Department completed their fourth round of high-visibility enforcement, dubbed Operation Best Foot Forward, on June 17th where drivers were cited $164 for failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.  OPD and OCSO enforced those crosswalks with high pedestrian activity or crosswalks that have received citizen complaints – International Drive, Kirkman Road, Central Blvd and Lake Avenue, Robinson Street to Rosalind, and Universal Blvd and Destination Parkway.  In total, 48 drivers received a $164 citation and over 50 warnings were issued.

What was different this time was that OPD enforced the ½-mile pedestrian crossing area located on Robinson St., the north side of Lake Eola, from Summerlin to Rosalind.  There are no white marked stripes in this crossing zone but there are signs and flashing lights that states “Pedestrians next ½ Mile.”  By law, drivers must yield to pedestrians in a pedestrian crossing area.   Because this was the first time this crossing area was enforced, only warnings were issued.  In less than an hour, OPD stopped 50 vehicles.  All drivers claimed ignorance of the law and said they did not know it’s a pedestrian crossing zone.  On the other hand, pedestrians walking around the lake, to and from the Landmark office buildings or St. James Cathedral School were thankful that OPD was enforcing this crossing zone as often crossing is like playing a game of “Frogger” on Robinson.

All five local TV stations were on hand to film and report on the number of drivers blowing through crosswalks, where many times, they almost hit the undercover pedestrian decoy and claimed they never saw him. Check out the coverage from WESH, WKMG Orlando, WRDQ – TV 27, WKCF – CW18, CF News 13 and WDBO Radio.

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