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Orange County working to calm speeders

Orange County will be rolling out 20 new radar feedback signs across roads in Orange County to get drivers to slow down. Radar feedback signs are the electronic signs on the side of a road that provide drivers with instant feedback on their speed. This speed calming application has proven effective in making drivers more aware of how fast they are going, resulting in reduced speeds and ideally fewer accidents.

Because pedestrians and bicyclists are at risk when drivers speed, Orange County will be installing RRFB signals at key crosswalks to  improve visibility for people walking. Read more about those here.

Speed is a major cause of fatalities in car accidents.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding contributed to 30 percent of fatal crashes in 2012.

10175342664_95eea306b3_o-3The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports a greater risk of pedestrian crashes at higher vehicle speeds. It’s no surprise that someone that gets hit at a higher speed will end up with more serious injuries. A pedestrian struck by a car traveling 30 miles an hour has only a 50 percent chance of survival, and a pedestrian struck by a car traveling 40 miles an hour has only a 10 percent chance of survival. That means that even if you’re “just going 10 over” the speed limit you are decreasing a pedestrian’s chance of survival by 40 percent.

Below are locations where new radar feedback signs will be placed based on Orange County Traffic Engineering’s selection criteria. Thank you, Orange County, for making our county roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

School Crossings/Zones

  • Conroy Windermere Rd. & Apopka Vineland Rd. (Olympia HS & Chain of Lakes MS)
  • Windermere Rd. & Windermere Crossings Cir. (Lake Whitney ES)
  • Summerfield/Pin Oak (Winter Park HS)
  • Lake Margaret Dr. & Hurd Ave. (Conway ES & Conway MS)
  • Short Pine Cir. & Valencia College (Colonial HS Freshman Campus)
  • Dean Rd. S of Colonial Dr. (Union Park ES & Union Park MS)
  • Curry Ford Rd. & Sanctuary Point Blvd. (Andover ES)
  • Rhode Island Woods Cir. (Meadow Woods ES & Meadow Woods MS)
  • Narcoosee Rd. & Laureate Blvd. (Eagle Creek ES & Lake Nona MS)
  • Percival Rd. & Sussex Dr. (Bonneville ES & near UCF)
  • N Pine Hills Rd. & Belco Dr. (Evans HS)
  • S Texas Ave. & Duskin Ave. (Palmetto ES)

Pedestrian Crossings Upgraded with RRFBs

  • Waterford Lakes Pkwy. & Coquina Rock St. (BFF Monitored Crosswalk)
  • Landstar Blvd. & Misley Dr. (BFF Monitored Crosswalk)
  • Landstar Blvd. & Island Cove Dr. (Near BFF Monitored Crosswalk)
  • Forsyth Rd. & Cady Way Trail Crossing (High-traffic Trail Crossing)

Traffic Calming

  • Rundle Rd. W of Magnolia Homes Rd. (Eatonville area near Riverside ES)

Curves in Road With High Risk of Crashes

  • S Osceola Ave. & Baxter St. (Wadeview Park )
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