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See how BFF is moving the needle in the 18-Month Progress Report

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 8.12.52 PMBest Foot Forward (BFF) continues to demonstrate progress with increased driver yield rates since its launch in June 2012.

The BFF program’s 2014 18-Month Progress Report highlights Orlando’s pedestrian situation, BFF’s Triple “E” action plan (education, engineering & enforcement), and what’s happening at the crosswalks BFF is monitoring.

Since 2012, BFF has seen big changes.

Operation BFF (enforcement with OPD & OCSO) has –

  • Enforced 296 crosswalk details
  • Issued 3,791 warnings and 1,787 citations

BFF has –

  • Presented and distributed materials to 322 community groups & organizations
  • Given out 11,307 iYield4Peds bumper sticks
  • Distributed a total of 171,334 stickers, flyers, and educational materials

Driver yield rates have –

  • Increased from 12% to 45% in marked crosswalks on roads 35 mph or less
  • Increased from 1.2% to 23% in marked crosswalks on roads 40 mph or higher

The 2014 18-month BFF Progress Report highlights demonstrated progress in the City of Orlando and Orange County.  The report also breaks down what’s happening at the crosswalks BFF monitored over the past 18 months. More drivers are yielding, more residents are engaged and enforcement is raising awareness of driver yield laws.

View eBook:  Full Report | View PDF: Part I: Overview | Part II: Crosswalk Observations
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