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$2,700,000 for Covering the “Tedious, Dull, & Monotonous”

February 17, 2016

DSC03908Pedestrian – it’s well, very pedestrian. Friends at Webster Dictionary define pedestrian as “lacking inspiration or excitement; dull.” It’s no wonder that no man, woman or child looks in the mirror and says; “I’m a PED!” This was reinforced just a few weeks ago in Winter Garden. A neighbor shared that he is “not a pedestrian because he drives and bikes for fun” — even though he walks to lunch daily.

The good news is that PEDS are not boring, according to our local news.  To prove it, try$2.7 million. That’s the value placed on the news stories BFF generated since it launched in 2012. If BFF were to pay for these stories (aka Advertising), we’re talking millions.

Try 13 million. That’s the estimated number of eyeballs who saw, liked, engaged via Facebook since 2012.

This is not what we call dull. There’s more.

More 2015 Numbers

TV, print, radio impressions: 842 million

Operation Best Foot Forward (since 2012)

Warnings: 4,012

Citations: 2,187

Crosswalks Enforced & Measured

2013 – 14 crosswalks

2014 – 30 crosswalks

2015 – 29 crosswalks

2016 – 18 crosswalks

People Driving & Yielding to People Walking (2012 – 2015)

42% increase in yield rates on roads 35 mph and less

19% increase in yield rates on roads 40 mph and higher

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