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Jairo”J.R.” Rodriguez, P.E.

Jairo, aka “J.R.,” is a Professional Engineer with a B.S. in Civil Engineering specializing in Transportation, Water Resources, and Environmental Infrastructure Projects. He is a cycling enthusiast and cares about our safety on our roads, as he has spent most of his career designing safe roads and trails in Florida, many other states, and overseas.

J.R. is originally from Colombia and has lived in the USA for more than twenty-three years. He has served as a political consultant and helped write legislation to provide safety for Florida’s transportation projects and infrastructure. He serves as Treasurer of both the American Society of Civil Engineers Board and the Central Florida Chapter of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute. Some of his interests are providing consultation advice and volunteering for BWCF, Habitat for Humanity, the Ronald McDonald Foundation, and many Ecological and Environmental sensitive subjects. He also enjoys developing the youth in many social and environmental aspects and has provided advice to implement low-impact development measures for projects within Orlando and Seminole County.

What is your earliest memory of biking or walking?

The very first time I used a bicycle, I almost got hit by a car at an intersection in my neighborhood in Bogota, Colombia. I was very lucky, and ever since, I have tried to check that our roads and highways have the best safety features possible.

If you could change one road in Central Florida to better accommodate walkers and bikers, which road would it be?

Semoran Blvd, which is a major boulevard in Central Florida that serves multiple communities, businesses, public services, parks, and transportation modes. It is also the backbone for many commuters who work or travel through Central Florida daily.

By enhancing the safety and amenities for walkers and bikers along this boulevard, the benefits to those users could be significantly improved, reducing accidents and traffic.

How will bicycles save the world?

They will keep people healthy; they could join people from different backgrounds, and they will keep emissions and our carbon footprint low.

In 15 years, what does this region look like?

Dedicated bicycle routes are separated from the road travel lanes and with plenty of shade (from trees), more trails, and complete street projects that account for multiple modes of transportation. I would like to see sidewalks on each road with protected shelters for bus stops; I would like to see the Coast-to-Coast Trail completed. I would like to start seeing flying cars so that some of our highways can be re-established as green areas/paths.