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Linda Chapin, former Mayor of Orange County

On average, a pedestrian is killed every week in Metro Orlando, and two are injured every day. This, for doing something as simple, and necessary, as crossing the street. In fact, the Metro Orlando Area has ranked as the MOST dangerous region in the country for pedestrians for more than a decade. With the rapid growth in Central Florida, this problem is likely to only get worse.

As a former Mayor of Orange County, and a concerned citizen, I think we should address this problem – today, before anyone else gets hurt. It’s time for us to come together as a community and put our best foot forward for pedestrian safety. After all, whether we drive, bike, or ride the bus as our primary transportation, we’re all pedestrians at some point every day.

It is going to take the support of the whole community to turn this  around, and I would like to thank those that have stepped up to show their support. It is community-minded people like you who make me proud to call Central Florida my home.

Thank you for putting your best foot forward and supporting Bike/Walk Central Florida.

Linda Chapin
Founding Chair