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Patrick Panza

Patrick Panza is currently the Assistant Planning Manager for GAI’s Community Solutions group, a studio comprising Urban Planning & Design, Landscape Architecture, and Economics. Although he participates in projects across a wide spectrum of the Urban Planning industry, his primary focus is the development of master plans, GIS solutions, and public engagement strategies for park systems, community development, and bicycle mobility systems. Previously, he was employed at GAI Consultants Inc. as a CAD drafter in the Planning Department, gaining exposure and experience in both the planning industry and GIS platform. As he built a fundamental understanding of the mechanisms of urban planning, he moved on to become a lead designer for the consultant firm in 2007, followed by the position of senior project planner in 2012. 

Panza has a degree from the University of Central Florida in Urban & Regional Planning, where he developed his skillset which ranges from System Master planning of the park systems to conceptual site design and 3D modelling. 

Mr. Panza has been a key figure in projects such as the ongoing Florida Avenue Bikeway, which was a direct result of his conceptual plan to transform Florida’s avenue into a less intense roadway. He then implemented a virtual public engagement platform to ensure continued access to the project process despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Other efforts Panza has been involved in include the Orange County Parks Growth Analysis, a GIS analysis performed to determine the needs of county and municipal parks over the next 20 years, and LIFT Orlando, where he planned and specialized in GIS in order to coordinate multi-party reinvestment into West Orlando. 

Why are you devoting your time to the cause? 

I believe that the safety of cyclists and pedestrians is one of the most important issues facing our region. Increased cycling and pedestrian activity lead to individual and systemic benefits too numerous to list, however few, if any, can be recognized without first securing safety. 

Are you a biker or a walker? 

I bike for many purposes: recreation, fitness, and occasional transportation. 

How will bicycles save the world? 

Bicycles will save the world through three main benefits: direct and indirect benefits to public health, relieving strain on public infrastructure needs, and reduction of pollution caused by motorized transportation. 

If you could change one road in Orlando to better accommodate walkers and bikers, which would it be? 

S.R. 50, also known as Colonial Drive. 

How many times did you ride your bicycle in the past year? 

Too many times to count.