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Best Foot Forward Presents to the Rotary Club of Avalon Park

BFF logo2BFF Program Manager Katy Magruder presents to local groups and organizations to talk to people about pedestrian safety. If you are interested in having her speak at your event or to your group, please email her at [email protected].

Pulling into the Avalon Park community, I was impressed with the low speed roads, prominent pedestrian infrastructure like crosswalks and signage, and on-street parking that lined the main street of the downtown. A quaint little walkable and bikeable community.

When I walked into the South Village Clubhouse, I was greeted with smiles and coffee.  The enthusiastic group was obviously close with one another, and their positivity was contagious.

One of the traditions of rotary clubs is to offer up happy or sad dollars which are donated to the club, along with a story of why.  Each member contributes a dollar or more and asks for prayers for family or health issues, shares life moments like becoming a grandfather, or congratulates another member of the group. Never have I ever been the subject of so many happy dollars! Thanks to the Rotarians for making me feel welcomed.

As we walked through the presentation, the conversation was geared towards the laws for pedestrians and what that means for drivers.  One member was very surprised to find out that it is the law to yield for pedestrians in crosswalks – and mentioned that the stop here for pedestrians signs were a great clue to him as a driver to slow down.  Another member was a big fan of the RRFB’s found on International Drive.  She praised them as a tool for creating driver awareness, even when no pedestrian is present.

The dialogue ensued with comparisons to California and Europe, noting the there is a cultural difference here in Florida about how drivers perceive people walking.

The group left with a newfound awareness of people walking and biking and a guideline of their responsibilities as drivers.

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