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The 12 Days of BWCF

As 2019 comes to a close, we’re looking back on some of the great things BWCF has achieved this year – Christmas carol style! From helmet fittings to crosswalk enforcements, here are the 12 days of Bike/Walk Central Florida!

12 Ride Leaders and Ride Marshalls Trained

During Mobility Week, BWCF partnered with the Florida Bicycle Association for its Ride Leader/Ride Marshall Training Program. Great new leaders were educated on how to keep themselves and their groups safe on the road.

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11 Events During #NationalBikeMonth 

We celebrated our favorite month of the year, National Bike Month, by coming together with neighbors and community partners! Throughout May, we attended and hosted 11 awesome events in Orange, Osceola and Seminole Counties, including Bike 5 Cities.

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10 Bike/Walk Board Members

These advocates give their time, talent and energy to promoting biking and walking in Central Florida. Each member brings their individual strengths, but together the Bike/Walk Board is much more than the sum of its parts. Read more about the board and their passions for active transportation here.

(Left to Right) BWCF Board Chair Billy Hattaway, Executive Director Amanda Day, Board Members Lisa Portelli, Jamie Krzeminski ,Rick Geller and Brenda Young at Bike 5 Cities 2019

9 Great Forms of Transportation 

Driving is a thing of the past. With other options like walking, biking, skating, taking LYNX, LYMMO or SunRail, utilizing bike-share programs, the new Brightline train connections and coming soon, e-scootering, there’s no need to even take your car out of the garage. In 2019, we’re closer than ever to completely sustainable, eco-friendly transportation.

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8 Years of Bike/Walk Central Florida

That’s right, at the end of 2019, BWCF will have been advocating for bikers and walkers for eight years! Since our beginnings in 2012, we’ve gained dozens of partners and aided in dozens of improvements to bike/ped infrastructure in Central Florida.

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7 Miles of Cycle Track

Well, technically seven and a half. The Cady Way protected bike lane continues to help dozens of cyclists travel safely and comfortably on two wheels. Its impact was especially relevant this year by providing a blueprint for potential new cycle tracks on Robinson Street and Corrine Drive!

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6 Operation BFFs, or High-Visibility Enforcements 

In coordination with partners in Orange and Osceola counties, Best Foot Forward held Operation BFF six times this year! Each high-visibility enforcement works to raise awareness of Florida’s driver yield law and educate drivers that they must stop for people in the crosswalks.

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5 Cities Biked 

Bike 5 Cities had its best year yet! More than 400 Central Florida cyclists came out to join us on the safe, comfortable ride around Orlando and its suburbs. And, we’re now on the way to getting permanent signage for the route!

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4 Seasons worth of Biking and Walking Support

Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter! (It’s always great biking and walking weather in Florida.) We want to give a huge thank you to all our partners and everyone in our community who has shown support for BWCF all year long. Your dedication and passion is what allows us to do what we do. Together, we can create change!

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3 Counties for Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward expanded again in October, when the coalition welcomed 17 new partners in Seminole County! Now covering Orange, Osceola and Seminole Counties, Best Foot Forward is now the nation’s largest grassroots coalition working on behalf of pedestrian safety.

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2 More Eggs Cracked in the Name of Bike Safety

And many more bike safety events! Our partner and purple bike lady, Lyndy Moore, helped us demonstrate the danger of not wearing a helmet while cycling at two of our events this summer with her famous egg drop. Better bike/ped safety education = less incidents!

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1 Pedestrian Bridge Opened

Bike/Walk Central Florida Executive Director Amanda Day joined BFF partners Buddy Dyer, Mayor of the City of Orlando, and Michael Shannon, FDOT District 5 Secretary, to cut the ribbon on this beautiful piece of architecture. The first trail overpass in Orlando, the new pedestrian bridge gives people a save way to cross Colonial Dr. and the railroad tracks in a dangerous area of downtown. This bike and pedestrian bridge was officially integrated into Orlando’s trail network in April.

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