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Beverly the Bike – Community Post

This is a community post contributed by one of our followers. It represents their personal views and motivation to help transform Central Florida into a premier biking and walking community. Enjoy!

This is Beverly The Bike (named by my girls). We purchased our Ferla Cargo bike after temporarily becoming a one-car family following a crash. The supply chain woes that the car market experienced this year made it difficult to find a new vehicle. After a friend sent me a link to the Ferla website, I was blown away – I did not even know these existed. We live in a bike-friendly climate, with numerous trails connecting you around the city. Our kids are 3 and 5, so making memories with them is essential to us. The idea that I could leave behind the daily car seat wrestling match, trading it for the wind in our hair, was incredibly enticing!

We purchased the bike in May and officially crossed over the 200-mile mark, going from home (Winter Park) to Lake Eola and back by mid-July. The Florida heat isn’t a problem while you’re on the move, and we take it on joy rides as a family every weekend. I utilize the bike as a primary mode of transportation to swim lessons, library, camp drop-off, grocery store, post office, boot camp, play dates – the list goes on. This fall, Beverly will allow me to skip the car line at my oldest daughter’s school, allowing for more quality time. My kids love riding in Beverly, but I might love it more! If you see us, honk or wave hello!

Interested in getting a bike? Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @WP_BikerMama. Happy to answer questions and help you in the journey to creating memories and enjoying adventures!

– Elizabeth

Thanks to Elizabeth for taking the time to share her story about her awesome new ride, “Beverly the Bike,” and how it’s changed how she and her family navigate Central Florida!

– The BWCF Team!

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