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BFF interns hit the streets

BFF-Intern-VideoWe, the BFF interns Shelby and Lisa, were issued a challenge – venture outside our comfort zone to the streets of Orange County to interact with people walking in Orange County using (and sometimes not) crosswalks around the city. The goal? Talk to people about their perspectives on crosswalk safety, what can be improved, and the Florida driver yield laws. We expected to be educating people. What we didn’t expect was to learn so much ourselves – experiencing first-hand the danger that pedestrians face from careless driving and also the danger they place themselves in by not crossing safely. So what was the result? Watch our video to find out!

Although we spoke with many other passionate people who chose not to appear on video, we still benefitted from their insights. Thank you to all of the pedestrians who shared their thoughts with us and thank you to Best Foot Forward for giving us this opportunity! Check out the video.