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Bungalower: City to install off-street bike lane on Bumby Avenue

Much to the dismay of residents and commuters, Bumby Avenue between Colonial Drive and Corrine Drive has been shut down for constructions since April of last year. The bad news is that it won’t be done for another year. 

However, the good news is that the road will not only be better for motorists, but also bicyclists and walkers when it reopens. Read the article below to see how the City of Orlando is taking advantage of the construction on this popular roadway.

bumby path

The City has made the decision to construct a new off-street, shared-use path for biking and walking on Bumby Avenue.

Residents voiced their discontent that the Bumby infrastructure project currently under way would not include the addition of bike paths. In response the City will install a 10-foot wide asphalt path along the eastern side of Bumby for cyclists and pedestrians from Rosedale Road to Corrine Drive.

The path is expected to be completed at the same time as the current road reconstruction project, in the spring of 2017.

According to Audubon Park Garden District Executive Director Jennifer Marvel, the Main Street office is working with the City to incorporate a “linear park” of pollinator plants and Florida natives as part of the avenue’s new streetscape. The effort would be a part of their ongoing EcoDistrict initiative and efforts to become an NWF Wildlife Habitat Community.

By Brendan O’Connor on March 7, 2016

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