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Best Foot Forward

Day & Life of Measuring Driver Yield Rates

Best Foot Forward (BFF) data collector guru Tony Calabro demonstrates how the BFF data collection process works – step by step.

Before you begin, note the existing conditions for the crosswalk. Date, time, weather, lighting, signage, etc.

Step 1: Map out the dilemma zone.

Step 2: Complete 20 crossings in the marked crosswalk to measure if drivers yield or not. This must be done three times (or 60 crossings) with at least an hour in-between each interval of 20 crossings.

Sometimes they yield. And sometimes they don’t.

The methodology is different for signalized crosswalks versus unsignalized crosswalks.  At a signalized intersection, you typically are measuring the drivers who yield or don’t yield when they make left or right turns on green or right turns on red.

Never assume that a driver is going to yield for you. This is an example of a driver not yielding when they are making a right turn on a green light at a signalized crosswalk.