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Driver speed is on Orange County’s radar with new engineering improvements

Cady Way Cycle Track 4Attention all Central Florida motorists – Orange County has some feedback on your driving. Slow. Down. Especially in school zones.

To get drivers to ease off the gas pedal, 19 radar feedback signs are slated for roads throughout Orange County.

Radar feedback signs provide drivers with instant feedback on their speed and have proven effective in making drivers more aware of how fast they are going.  Speed is a major cause of fatalities in car accidents.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding contributed to 30 percent of fatal crashes in 2012.

Pedestrians and bicyclists are also at risk when drivers speed.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports a greater risk of pedestrian crashes at higher vehicle speeds.  Injuries for both pedestrians and bicyclists are also likely to be more serious when a speeding car is involved.

This is Year 2 of Orange County’s current radar feedback sign installation project.  Below is a list of the locations scheduled to receive new radar feedback signs based on Orange County Traffic Engineering’s selection criteria.

School Crossings Midblock with 20 MPH School Zones

  • North Lane & Pickney Drive (Meadowbrook Middle School)
  • Hiawassee Road & Tallowtree Lane (Oak Hill Elementary School)
  • Apopka Vineland Road (Bay Meadows Elementary)

School Zones without 20 MPH School Zones

  • Corner School Road & Schoolview Way (Corner Lakes Middle School)
  • Hiawassee Road (Wekiva High School)
  • Chickasaw Trail & Valencia College Lane (Renaissance Charter School)
  • Tiny Road & Bridgewater Crossings Boulevard (Bridgewater Middle School)
  • Narcoossee Road (Lake Nona Middle School)
  • Dean Road & Flowers Avenue (Union Park Elementary)
  • Old Winter Garden Road & Killington Way (Frangus Elementary)
  • Chulota Road & Cypress Lakes Glen Boulevard (Columbia Elementary)

Traffic Calming

  • Boca Woods Drive & Lake Price Dive (UCF area)
  • Silver Ridge Drive & Pell Mell Drive (Pine Hills area near Pinewood Elementary School)
  • Powers Drive, from North Lane to Clarcona Ocoee Road (Pine Hills area near Meadowbrook Middle School)
  • Torrey Drive, East of Apopka Vineland Road (Pine Hills area)

Curves in Road With High Risk of Crashes

  • Harcourt Avenue & Ligustrum Way (Millenia area)
  • Reams Road & Oasis Cove (Windermere area)
  • Moss Park Road & Wewahootee Road ( Lake Nona area)
  • TCU Boulevard & Pamlico Street (near the Central Florida Group Home in the Goldenrod area)
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