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Are More Drivers Yielding to Peds?

The data says YES. The Best Foot Forward steering committee is finalizing the Year 2 Progress Reportwith the goal to release the results next month.

For those new to Best Foot Forward (BFF), the primary objective is to improve pedestrian safety by getting more drivers to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and getting more pedestrians to be careful crossing the street.  Progress is evaluated by measuring the percentage of drivers yielding to pedestrians in marked crosswalks.  This year, over 30 crosswalks were observed in the City of Orlando and Orange County.  Baseline measurements are taken before and after Enforcement actions and Engineering improvements.  Education and outreach are concentrated in close proximity of the BFF crosswalk. Through a sustained, concentratedTriple E approach, your local BFFs are making a difference.  Check out Year 1 Progress Report to see how we’re turning talk into action.