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Community Events / Social Ride

First Anniversary of the First Friday Ride

After being rained out repeatedly all summer, we finally had a perfect evening for a perfect First Friday ride! Fall came a little early, too with temps in the mid 80s and humidity below 60%. The turnout was the best ever. We formed 2 groups and rode the same loop, with one clockwise and the other counter-clockwise so we passed each-other midway. As usual, the rides were flawless — motorists were cooperative and civil.

For those who have never seen it first hand, it might be hard to believe that a group of 16 cyclists could control a lane at 10mph on an arterial road at rush hour and cause no disruption in traffic and no incivility. In Orlando, no less. The city that keeps getting a black eye for its atrocious pedestrian statistics. Bicycle drivers aren’t peds. And Orlando is a fine place to drive a bicycle. In a group or alone. Believe.

After the ride, about half of us went to Ethos for dinner. We filled the bike corral and had to take over a few sign posts. It was reported to me that a couple walked by and said, “Oh! That’s what those things are for!.”