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Florida Bicycle Association: 2021 Florida Legislative Update

Thanks to our friends at the Florida Bicycle Association (FBA) for their advocacy and the following update on the Spring 2021 Florida Legislative Session:

From FBA: 2021 Florida Legislative Update

The Florida Legislature recently passed amendments to section 316.083 (and others) of the Florida statutes. These amendments are in an effort to make the road safer for riders, drivers and pedestrians alike.

CS/SB 950 addresses issues relating to bicycle and pedestrian safety. The bill changes certain elements of the Florida statutes. These changes include:

  • Providing that no-passing zones do not apply to motorists who safely and briefly drive to the left of center of the roadway to overtake a bicycle, provided that such a passing continues to give the cyclist the necessary three feet passing clearance. If a motorist cannot safely pass at a distance of 3 feet or more, the law clearly states they must wait until a safe moment to pass.
  • Requiring a vehicle making a right turn while overtaking and/or passing a cyclist to do so only if the cyclist is at least 20 feet from the intersection and at a distance that the driver of the vehicle may safely turn.
  • Authorizing cyclists riding in groups, after coming to a full stop, to go through an intersection in groups of 10 or fewer. Motorists are now required to let one such group pass before proceeding.
  • Providing guidelines for riding a bicycle in a substandard width lane and authorizing cyclists to ride two abreast to avoid dangerous conditions.

A thorough examination of the changes can be found on our FBA ClubExpress membership website / Documents Library / Legislative Platform / 2021 Legislative Outcomes.Document Library

Although this law is not yet in effect, it passed unanimously in both the House and the Senate. Once it is ratified by Governor DeSantis, the effective date of the law will be established.

As we wait, please considering taking this the opportunity to send a quick/brief thank you to the bill sponsors, co-sponsors and Governor DeSantis (and use Thank you as the subject line).  Sample language can be found on our WEBSITE.

CS/HB 605
Representative Christine Hunscofsky / Sponsor
Representative Anna Eskamani / Co-sponsor
Representative Emily Slosberg / Co-sponsor
Representative Cyndi Stevenson / Co-sponsor
Representative Jackie Toledo / Co-sponsor
Representative Marie Paule Woodson / Co-sponsor

CS/SB 950
Senator Lauren Book / Sponsor


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