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71% of Lake County voters approve infrastructure sales tax

A whopping 71 percent of Lake County voters approved an infrastructure sales tax on Nov. 3 to help fund sidewalks, trails, and roadway improvements among other capital projects throughout the county.  The landslide yes vote extends the existing penny sales tax another 15 years.

First approved in 1988, Lake County residents revisit the sales tax every 15 years to decide whether or not to extend it.  Revenue from the tax is divided equally between the county, the school district and Lake’s 14 cities. Each city’s share of the revenue is allocated proportionately.

$45 million from sales tax revenue in previous years was spent on between the county, cities and school district on road resurfacing, traffic signals, sidewalks, stormwater drainage and other projects. See proposed potential uses of new sales tax revenues here.

Below are some of the proposed ped/bike-related projects:

Lake County

  • Construct 7.5 miles of sidewalk and make $2.5 million in repairs
  • Complete 9 intersection projects and install 9 traffic signals
  • Resurface 75-95 miles of roadways
  • Install path systems for East Lake Community Park and P.E.A.R. Park
  • Resurface trail and install path lighting at Lake Idamere Park
  • Replace boardwalk at South Lake/Hancock Trail and make ADA improvements

Congratulations to Lake County residents for choosing to invest in bike/ped infrastructure and moving Lake County forward.

Read more of The Daily Commercial‘s story here.

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