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Meet Brenda Urias: The New Champion for Central Florida’s Cyclists and Pedestrians

Bike/Walk Central Florida is proud to announce the addition of a remarkable advocate to our Board of Directors—a passionate cyclist, community builder, and entrepreneur who brings a wealth of expertise and an enthusiastic vision for the future, Brenda Urias.

Brenda is not only the owner of a local bike shop, Bicikleta Bike Shop, but also the founder of Sanford Tours & Experiences, creating a mark that transcends community boundaries. Her commitment extends beyond running businesses; she is shaping the vibrancy and inclusiveness of Central Florida’s cycling community. Her affiliation with influential organizations such as the Seminole County Tourism Development Council, the Central Florida Zoo Board of Directors, and Sanford Main Street highlights her considerable experience in community engagement and governance.

Brenda (captured on the left) at her bike shop, Bicikleta Bike Shop

Carving out time from her entrepreneurial duties, Brenda devotes her energy to Bike/Walk Central Florida out of a genuine dedication to the safety and inclusivity of our cyclists and walkers. Her passion for nurturing a community-wide embrace of these ideals echoes our mission to ensure secure, accessible, and amiable environments for all who pedal and tread our streets.

For Brenda, a cherished Christmas memory with her sister represents the beginnings of a lifelong love affair with biking—a journey of freedom and discovery. Her deep-rooted connection to cycling underpins her advocacy for secure, interconnected trails and pathways in our region.

Brenda celebrates the achievements we’ve made, like connecting trails across city and county lines, enhancing the ride for long-distance and recreational cyclists alike. She’s especially passionate about transforming Colonial Drive into a haven for cyclists and pedestrians—a vision that could revolutionize everyday travel in Central Florida.

Brenda enjoying some #Sanfording with Bicikleta’s Sanford Saturday Social Ride

Looking ahead, Brenda imagines a thriving region in 15 years where cycling is an integral part of our lifestyle—riding not just for pleasure but also for local commerce, invigorating the economy as riders support community businesses.

We are thrilled to welcome Brenda to our team. Her experience, dedication, and vision for cycling and walking in Central Florida are what make her an extraordinary addition to our to our Board.

Discover more about Brenda and the heart of her cycling passion by visiting her local bike shop at www.bicikletabikeshop.com.

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